Idiot of the Day: Broncos Safety Ryan Murphy

Here’s further proof that sex is the only thing most guys care about. What was Murphy thinking? YOU’RE AT THE SUPER BOWL YOU DOUCHE! I know he’s from nearby Oakland and he was hanging out with his brother but use some common sense man! If you’re visiting your brother and he tells you he wants to go out and get his noodle wet, go back to your team hotel. GET OUT OF THERE!

There is no way Murphy can defend his actions. Nothing could have saved him, not even a fall guy. He was caught red handed. Now, he’s been sent home and he’ll get to watch the game from his cozy apartment on Sunday. By the way, Denver got two feet of snow yesterday. Enjoy shoveling your walk way you idiot!

Just another lesson learned. We’ll be referencing Murphy the next time another young player makes a dumbass decision at the Super Bowl.

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