NFL at Large: The Browns Make a Good Decision in Moving on From Johnny Manziel. 

The Browns are moving on from Johnny Football. It’s about time! 

Browns EVP of Football Ops Sashi Brown announced yesterday that the team will cut quarterback Johnny Manziel when the new league year begins on March 9th. Good! The Browns have finally made a sound, sensible decision.

It’s time to move on from Manziel. After two seasons of failed expectations and media scrutiny, the Browns have had enough of Manziel and his antics. You put up with the B.S if a player is a stud (see Josh Gordon) You don’t put up with it with a guy who can’t play.

I’m not sure the Browns make this decision if Hue Jackson isn’t the coach. I’m sure Jackson played a big part in this decision. He wants a fresh start at the quarterback position. Either way, the Browns are getting rid of a major distraction and headache by cutting Manziel. Now Johnny Football can continue his career in the Land of Misfit Toys….I mean Dallas and the Browns can draft their quarterback with the second overall pick. Don’t you just love the NFL? It’s drama at its finest.

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