Doc’s Daily Rants for February 4th 2016

Josh Norman toasted Hot Rod as if he were a receiver yesterday.

1. I’m cautiously buying the Celtics again. They could still go off the deep end and lose four or five in a row. I don’t trust them!

2. Either Rams GM Les Snead has lost his mind or owner Stan Kroenke is pushing for Peyton Manning. Either way, acquiring Manning this off season makes zero sense. The Rams have a top ten pick. Take a quarterback.

3.Josh Norman roasted former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison after Harrison said he would take out Cam Newton at the knees. Harrison is a freakin dope! I’ve never been a fan. I’m glad Norman destroyed him with one tweet. Here is it.

4. Big day yesterday for local high school football players. Here’s who’s going where thanks to our friends at ESPN Boston.

5. Steph Curry dropped 51 on the Wiz last night. Look, I respect Lebron but Curry is the best player in the game right now, PERIOD!

6. I’ve got to be honest with you. Jim Harbaugh is growing on me. I know I’m not suppose to say that as a Buckeyes fan but I love what he did yesterday for national signing day. Here’s Ric Flair shitting on Ohio State.

By the way, Harbaugh is taking the team to Florida for four days during Spring break. It coincides with the football team starting spring ball. AWESOME!

7. I’m done with the Montreal Canadiens. My hockey fandom will be available after this season if they don’t make the playoffs.

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