I’m Just Sayin: The NFL Opens New Doors to Women and Closes the Door for Others.


The NFL once again proved that they are a league that will do anything for good publicity. The league announced yesterday that the Rooney Rule will now apply to women and management positions. Great! Let the reverse discrimination begin.

The Rooney Rule is the biggest farce in sports. It doesn’t guarantee minorities and women jobs. All it does is guarantees them an interview because they are minority and female. While I get the point of the rule, it doesn’t actually help them get jobs. All it does is make the owners and the league look good.

I’m a firm believer that if you’re qualified for a specific job, you should apply for it and interview for it regardless of what your race or gender is. Helping minorities and women cut the line doesn’t mean that they are more likely to get a job now. If they are not the best candidate, they shouldn’t get the job. It’s OK to give it to the white guy if he’s the right guy. 

We as a society seriously needs to start evaluating this socialist model that we are adopting as a nation. Every one deserves a chance and an opportunity to pursue their dreams but you earn that opportunity. You shouldn’t get that opportunity because of your skin color or gender. Unfortunately, that’s the way it works in a society hell bent on giving everyone an opportunity regardless of their experience.

The NFL is using minorities and women as pawns in their never ending quest to look good. Unfortunately, in the process of doing that, they’ve opened the door for them but closed the door on others. It’s not fair but that’s life in a society based more on giving people what they want than people earning what they want. 

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