NFL At Large: Doc’s Thoughts on Super Bowl 50.

Peyton finally gets Super Bowl number two and cements his legacy in the process. 

1. Let’s start with the game. IT SUCKED! Look, I’m an offensive guy but I love a good defensive game. Defense wins championships but this game sucked. It was a mistake filled game with no flow.

2. Give John Elway credit. He realized that Peyton Manning was on the back nine of his career so he built a team that can support him and take the pressure off of him. Elway put together a strong defense, solid running game and hired Gary Kubiak to help the organization to take the next step.

3. Von Miller is a dude! He’s one of the two best defensive players in the league and he’ll get paid like one in the coming weeks. 

4. Cam Newton played awful. His flaws were exposed. There is no doubt Newton is a great player but his behavior during and after the game leaves a lot to be desired. He has a lot of growing up to do. He acted like a spoiled brat after the game!

5. Like him or not, Peyton Manning winning his second Super Bowl cements his legacy. He’s the third greatest quarterback of all time behind Brady and Montana. 

6. The halftime show sucked. Coldplay was awful and adding Bruno Mars and BeyoncĂ© only cluttered things and made the show worse. 

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