John Elway Just Announced to All of Western Civilization That Paxton Lynch is the Broncos Starting Quarterback in 2016.

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Reading between the lines can be an acquired skill. Unless of course you’re trying to figure out what John Elway is saying. That doesn’t take much skill at all. Elway doesn’t mince words and he’s not afraid to show his hand. By proclaiming on Friday that rookie Paxton Lynch is not that far away from being ready to start for the Broncos, Elway let out the worst kept secret in all of professional football. Paxton Lynch will be the Broncos starting quarterback in 2016. 

Of the three quarterbacks taken in the first round last weekend, Lynch is the most raw of the three. He also has the most tools physically and he’s walking into the best situationist the three. If Lynch had to start next season, it’s ok. The Broncos can protect him and develop him with a great play caller in Gary Kubiak, a sound running game and an elite defense. Lynch doesn’t need to win games for the Broncos. He just needs to protect the football and manage the game. Cliche, I know.

The Broncos won a Super Bowl with a 40 year old legend who had limited arm strength and mobility. Paxton Lynch will probably not have the career that Peyton Manning did but I think its safe to say that physically, Lynch is young and much better than Manning. 

The Broncos are still a contender despite several key defections this off-season. Their defense remains intact and they still have elite receivers in Demarymius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. As long as the offensive line protects Lynch and he plays within the system, the Broncos will once again contend in the AFC.

When you are the best team builder in the NFL today like Elway is, you can show your hand. It’s ok. Elway knows that when the dust settles, the Broncos will still be standing and Paxton Lynch will be leading them. 

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