Let the Satellite Camp Competition begin in College Football.

Image courtesy of MLive.com

When the NCAA announced in March that they would be banning satellite football camps in response to Jim Harbaugh taking his team to Florida for spring ball, there were mixed reactions. Most college football coaches applauded the move, while others viewed it as a punishment despite the fact that they were playing by the rules. All hell has broken loose since the ruling was levied. Now schools are joining forces to hold “legal” satellite camps on their campuses.

Rutgers, Ohio State and Temple will be holding a joint satellite camp or showcase as it is being called on June 8th. New Rutgers coach Chris Ash (former defensive coordinator at Ohio State) is calling it the best camp on the east coast. Of course it is! Ash has to call it that because Michigan will be hosting a camp at Paramus Catholic High School that same week. The competition is around the corner so if you’re Rutgers, Ohio State and Temple, you have to prop up the camp because your number one competitor is also hanging out in the state of New Jersey that week.

If you want further proof that this whole satellite camp thing is spiraling out of control, Harbaugh and his staff are rumored to be doing a one day camp in Australia. Michigan’s athletic department has not confirmed this but according to some guy named Nathan Chapman, the camp is coming to Melbourne, Australia on June 3rd

Michigan is also considering doing camps in Samoa and Hawaii as well. Maybe Harbaugh will start up a Samoan exchange program, something I’ve been advocating for years. By the way, I can’t wait to hear the bitching and moaning that will come from the SEC and ACC coaches about Harbaugh going global. Its going to be awesome.

Recruiting is the name of the game in college sports, especially football and basketball. Basketball coaches have bent and broken rules for years. Now its the football coaches turn. The satellite camp issue is only going to get worse and the NCAA will have to address it again. Until then, coaches will do what ever they can to get an edge in the off season war that is known as recruiting. The fun has just began my friends. Wait until the satellite camp ruling spills over to the high school? Cheaters across the country will be ducking for cover.

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