Of Course the NFL Supports the Raiders Going to Vegas It’s a Chance for the League to Make More Money.

A report surfaced yesterday that indicated that NFL owners are “warming” up to the idea of the Oakland Raiders relocating to Las Vegas after next season. The mayor of Las Vegas said yesterday that he believes there is a good chance his city will land the NFL franchise. 

The idea of any professional sports team playing in Vegas is ludicrous to me but if Vegas proves to be a viable landing spot for the Raiders and the league and the owners can make money, both will support the team moving. That’s all they care about. That’s why Roger Goodell and the owners unanimously supported the Rams move back to Los Angeles. They saw an opportunity to make more money for the league. 

The NFL isn’t a family as they proclaim. They’re a business. Goodell and the other owners don’t care about the fans. They care about fatting their wallets. That’s why they are supporting the Raiders move to Las Vegas. It’s what’s best for business, not the fans or the product. 

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