Daily Script for 5/12/2016

The Chargers better hope that Melvin Gordon can bounce back or they are screwed!

1. Julien Edelman having another foot surgery is a concern. I don’t care how the Patriots spin it.

2. Chargers running back Melvin Gordon having mircofracture surgery is bad news for the Chargers as far as I’m concerned. He already has too many carries on his body from his time at Wisconsin. The Chargers better hope he can bounce back because right now, Gordon is on the road to being a bust.

3. Sam Bradford’s agent Tom Condon said in an interview with ESPN yesterday that he advised Bradford to demand a trade after the Eagles traded up to the get the number two pick. Condon labeled it a “business” decision. Give me a break. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Condon should know better. He’s one of the top agents in football. He shouldn’t be giving a client bad advice.

4. Why are Hugh Freeze’s lawyers petitioning to have his testimony in the Laremy Tunsil lawsuit case sealed? Hmmmm. Seems fishy to me. Freeze is obviously hiding something. I’ll say this, its not a good look for him.

5. Jason Campbell wants to play in 2016? Why?

6. I almost feel bad for Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette. He is prematurely retiring today due to a neck injury he suffered last season against the Cowboys. In case you forgot,  he was the receiver that Malcolm Butler under cut to pick off Russell Wilson in Super Bowl 49. Here is it is again because you can never see it enough times.

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