Patriots Pulse Blog: Admit It. Another Foot Surgery for Edelman Concerns You. 


Admit it. Julien Edelman having another foot surgery concerns you. It’s ok, I feel the same way. I know it was a minor procedure and that he’ll be ready for camp but it is still concerning. 

Edelman’s game is predicated on speed and sharp cuts. If he has any issues with his foot, it’s going to slow him down and throw off the timing he has with Tom Brady. The Patriots three step passing game is all about timing and being in your spot when Brady throws the ball. If Edelman can’t get there, that’s a problem.

I’m sure Edelman will be fine but I’m still concerned. We all saw how important he was to this offense when he was out last season. Without him, this offense just isn’t the same. Hopefully there are no lingering issues with this foot problem come training camp. 

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