High School Football: Mike Sherman Just Never Seemed Like the Right Fit at Nauset

By John Sarianides

Former Green Bay Packers and Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman resigned at Nauset last week. Sherman finished with a 4-18 record at the school. In a recent interview, Sherman says he stepped away because he felt that the program needed a coach in the building. Nauset is replacing Sherman with Bruce Strunk, who spent the past nine seasons coaching at Howard High School in Maryland, posting an overall mark of 73-29.

Sherman’s hiring was met with statewide fanfare and was applauded by coaches and athletic directors around the state but from the beginning, you could tell that he just wasn’t a fit at Nauset. Sherman has a tremendous resume but despite that, he could get the numbers up enough to make the program competitive.

Sherman tried running the spread offense his first season but it was a struggle. He just didn’t have enough players to make his system work. The Warriors improved last season with Sherman making tweaks to the offense but despite the improvement, you just never got the sense the program was heading in the right direction. It just seemed weird that a coach with Sherman’s experience was coaching at Nauset High School.

Strunk is an established high school and being in the building will enable him to promote the program and recruit kids to play, something Sherman was not able to do because he wasn’t a faculty member at the school.

As for Sherman, he and a partner will focus on opening  Total Athletics Cape Cod, an athletic training facility in Hyannis. The facility is scheduled to open sometime this fall. Sherman has been interested in developing a facility since moving back to the Cape three years ago.

I must admit that I got caught up in the hoopla when Sherman was hired at Nauset. I even contemplated driving down to Nauset to pick his brain and talk football with him. I never contacted him. Maybe I should now that he is not coaching anymore. We’ll see.

As I said earlier, Sherman never fit  in at Nauset. Even he admitted at the time of his hiring that he was not making a long term commitment to the program. You never got the sense his heart wasn’t into it. You always felt he was looking to get back into the NFL. He is only 62. You never know. You might see him roaming an NFL side line again. Until then, we will be left wondering why he took the Nauset job to begin with.



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