Patriots Draft: Scouting Report on OG Hjalte Froholdt

The Patriots drafted Arkansas guard, center Hjalte Froholdt with pick 118 in the fourth round. The Arkansas product is from Denmark. He first came to the United State as an exchange student.

Here is the scouting report on Hjalte Froholdt.

Hjalte Froholdt, Arkansas, 6-5 306

Initial Quickness: Froholdt gets off the ball with ease and engages. He has quick hands and can establish inside hand position easily. He is a little wide in his stance but that can be corrected.

Run Blocker: Froholdt is fundamentally sound as a run blocker but he does run into issues with three technique tackles that can penetrate. Once he engages and neutralizes a defender, he wins. If cannot however, he struggles to take edge off and gets beat.

Pass Blocker: Froholdt is your classic phone booth pass protector. He lacks the lateral quickness to cut the edge off as a tackle. He will hold up against bull and rip pass rushers inside but guys who are quick off the ball and can plant and re-direct will give him problems.

Pull & Trap: Froholdt is a better vertical run blocker than he is a lateral run blocker. He pulled on power and counter plays in Dan Enos’ offense when Bret Bielema was the head coach but he didn’t do it as much playing for head coach Chad Morris last season.

Use of Hands: Froholdt has strong hands. Once he locks on and neutralizes a defender, he wins. He has a strong upper body and it shows on inside and outside drive blocks.

Strength: Good strength. Can win one on one battles and has the necessary strength to anchor down against bigger defensive tackles.

Explosion: Limited. Frohokdt’s game is based on power, not speed. He gets off the ball but he’s not explosive. He doesn’t pop on film.

Final Thoughts: Patriots defensive assistant Bret Bielema recruited Froholdt to Arkansas so the Patriots had some good intel on him as a player. Froholdt has some upside but he has a ways to go from a developmental standpoint.

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