High School: Interview with Nobles TE/DE Cam Large

Nobles tight end, defensive end Cam Large is one of the top recruits in the class of 2020 in the state of Massachusetts. The junior out of Ponfret, Connecticut has been turning heads for the past two years and has 30 division one offers currently. Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dane and most recently, Iowa have all extended offers to the talented two way star.

We talked to Cam about the recruiting process and his experiences at Nobles. Here is what he told us.

NEFJ: Talk about the recruiting process a little bit here. Obviously it’s been a whirlwind for you here the last few months. Talk about what that’s been like for you, and how the process itself has worked out?

CL: I’m just really thankful to be in the position that I’m at right now. Right now, I’m just trying to find my five schools to take officials to. Once I do figure those five out, I’m gonna take them in the summer. I’ll probably make my decision sometime in July.

NEFJ: Obviously, you’ve got offers from everyone under the sun, but you are working through that part of the process right now. You said you are going to try to make your official decision in July. Is that going to be the beginning of the month or the middle of the month? Are you going to do the camp circuit? What’s your thought process there?

CL: Probably the beginning of the month. I’ll probably do some camps in June for schools that want to work me out, who’ve offered me and who I’m taking officials to. Other than that, I don’t think I’ll be doing much.

NEFJ: How many offers do you currently have?

CL: 30

NEFJ: Thirty? Wow. That is impressive. Would you like to play tight end or defensive end in college? Do you have a preference where you want to play or is it wherever they want you to play?

CL: I’ll play wherever they want me to play. I have no preference at all. I just want to play football.

NEFJ: Tell me a little bit about your experience at Nobles. Obviously Nobles has had a great athletic department for a long time, but for years, Nobles was known more as a hockey school. Talk a little bit about your experience and how you guys have been able to put the football program on the map.

CL: When I got here and was a freshman, we had been 4-4 the past couple years. My freshman year, we were 4-4 again. My goal was to win and contribute. That was my goal from day one getting here, because I knew I was coming to a place I really liked. I’ve had three coaches in three years here. We finally put it together here with Coach Voulgaris. I think another year really special year is coming. I’m happy with how it’s come out.

NEFJ: Yeah, he’s a good Greek man. I am Greek, so it’s good to see Greek coaches having success. My next question for you is, how much of a factor will the quality of the be education be in your decision? Obviously, we talk about being a student athlete. How much will that factor in it? How much will that factor into your decision?

CL: It’ll factor in a bit. I really think that a lot of these schools are amazing institutions, but some are better than others. My goal right now is just get the best education possible while playing the most competitive, and getting the most playing time I possibly can. I’m trying to find my nice balance in a place where I fit really well.

NEFJ: Finally, Cam, tell us a little bit about Coach Voulgaris and Coach Kendall, and what they have done for you in terms of talking to you about their own experiences, having played college football, obviously Coach Kendall having played not only in college, but in the pros as well. How much of their experiences has helped you in terms of your relationship with them, but also in terms of this process?

CL: It’s been really helpful to have both of them. I went from being basically just a receiver and a strong safety to thanks to Coach Kendall, someone who is going to block and enjoys blocking. His impact on my game has been tremendous. I see myself as a more dominant blocker than I am a pass catcher. I need to balance that out, but he was really the biggest piece of that. Coach Voulgaris has been great, especially with all the recruiting stuff. He has me over all the time to talk about stuff, talking about my decision, and just helped me through the whole process.

NEFJ: Cam, I am really impressed. Big fan of yours as a coach and as a fan of the game. I wish you nothing but the best. Thank you for taking this time, man. I really appreciate it. Looking forward to you making your announcement. I’m looking forward to cheering for you, man.

CL: All right. No problem.

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