Patriots: Who are the Washington Redskins?

Here is a quick scouting report on the Washington Redskins.

Head coach: Jay Gruden

Offensive coordinator: Kevin O’Connell

Defensive coordinator: Greg Munusky

Special teams coordinator: Nate Kaczor

Offense: West Coast

  1. Emphasis on three step drop passes and getting the ball out quick.
  2. Heavy use of tight ends and backs in the passing game.
  3. Predominately an 11 and 12 personnel team.
  4. Run a lot of inside zone and stretch running plays to set up play action.
  5. Washington throws a lot of vertical play action passes. Love backside post, double moves and fade routes.

Defense: 3-4

  1. Various fronts. The Patriots will see 30 and 40 fronts based on down and distance.
  2. Washington gets great pressure from their base fronts. They typically only bring 5 or 6 when they blitz.
  3. Heavy zone team. They play a lot of Cover 2, quarters and split combinations.
  4. Manusky likes to move defensive end/outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan around so he can generate one on one match ups.
  5. Strength of their defense is their defensive line. Washington has invested heavily in this group in recent years.

Overall thoughts: Washington has struggled offensively because of inconsistent quarterback play and poor offensive line play. The Redskins passing game has big play potential. They love to take shots off play action.

Defensively, they get pressure but have a tendency to give up big plays despite having Landon Collins at strong safety and Josh Norman at corner. Washington has struggled to get off the field on third down.

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