Patriots: The Patriots re-sign Brian Hoyer after committing to give him a chance to start

Photo courtesy of Elise Amendola/AP

Veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer was released by the Colts over the weekend and was quickly signed by the Patriots. The Patriots released Hoyer last pre-season after he failed to beat out rookie Jarrett Stidham for the back up job.

According to reports yesterday, Hoyer decided to re-sign with the Patriots for a second time because he was told he would have an opportunity to start.

I don’t doubt that Bill Belichick promised Hoyer an opportunity to compete for the starting job. Hoyer is a veteran quarterback who was drafted and developed by the organization and he knows the system. It would make sense to give him a shot to compete for the starting job. I just don’t see him beating out Stidham this time either.

Stidham is younger and more talented than Hoyer. The only way Hoyer beats him out is if Stidham struggles in the pre-season or he gets hurt. If neither of those things happen, Hoyer won’t beat out Stidham.

Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels trust Hoyer and they know him. There is a certain level of comfort with him. Despite that, they are going to go with the quarterback that gives them the best chance to win and in my opinion, that is Stidham.

Hoyer gives the Patriots a proven veteran back up who can mentor Stidham and any other young quarterback that will be in camp. Other than that, he shouldn’t be the starter. Unless it is out of necessity.

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