Patriots Draft: Scouting Report on Kyle Duggar, SS Lenoir Rhyne

The Patriots surprised the football world when they selected Lenoir Rhyne strong safety Kyle Duggar with the 37th pick of the first round. Once you get past the fact that he played in Division Two program, you will find that he is a good football player who is versatile and can contribute on special teams.

Here is my scouting report on Duggar.

Man Coverage: Duggar has the athleticism and movement skills to cover down on a slot receiver or tight end. Transitions smoothly in his hip turns and can flip his hips and get into phase. Does get stacked and needs to do a better job in the trail position.

Zone Coverage: Duggar is a terrific zone coverage defender. Moves smoothly in his backpedal. Grazes grass and can flip his hips, transition and break to a spot. Does a good job of route reading and breaking on the ball on time. Plants and drives downhill and times his flat coverage technique when jumping underneath routes.

Closing Quickness: Duggar does a good job of recognizing and diagnosing plays. He gets downhill and closes quickly. He transitions smoothly and changes direction with ease.

Key & Diagnose: Duggar does a good job of reading the quarterback as a deep half or quarter safety. He reads the quarterback’s shoulder and drives on the intended route. Bites a little too quickly on underneath routes. Is prone to biting on play action passes and gets caught flat footed when redirecting.

Lateral Pursuit: Duggar has good lateral quickness especially in coverage. Plays better north, south and downhill in run support.

Run Support: Duggar does a good job reading his run keys and getting downhill quickly. He is willing to support the run from a high alignment or as a screw down edge safety.

Tackling: Tackles high and can be overly aggressive. He needs to play more under control as a tackler. Needs to break down and tackle with more of a base.

Ball Skills: Terrific ball skills. Does a great job of high pointing the ball in jump ball situations. Strong hands. He will come down with it if it’s a 50/50 ball.

Final Thoughts: Duggar is a three down, three level safety. He is the prototypical Patriots safety. He will line up all over the place and make plays in coverage. Duggar will make an immediate impact on special teams. While he is not a sexy pick, he is a good player who can develop into a quality starter once he gets acclimated.

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