Patriots Draft: Scouting Report on C Dustin Woodard

The Patriots drafted center Dustin Woodard of Memphis in the seventh round. Woodard was a four year starter for the Tigers. He is undersized at 6-1 295 but he is experienced and has played guard as well.

Here is my scouting report on Woodard.

Initial Quicks: Woodard shows good snap and pop. Brings his feet with off hand and has good hand placement when engaging in a block.

Run Block: Woodard is a competitive run blocker. He has quick hands and gets inside hand position on defenders. Moves well laterally and can come off of a scoop block and seal a backside linebacker. Woodard will struggle with a nose or shade tackle lined up over him. Lack of arm length hurts him as a run blocker.

Pass Block: Effectively snaps and punches. Moves well laterally. Can work in a double with a guard and pick up a blitzing linebacker or a twist. He does a good job picking up delay blitzes. Struggles to anchor against bigger defensive tackles that can extend and separate.

Pull & Trap: Moves well laterally. Opens smoothly after the snap, gains ground and pulls up the hole. Does a good job of locating moving targets, engaging and finishing.

Use of Hands: Woodard has strong hands for his size. Gets inside hand placement and can control defenders undersized defenders. Struggles to get hand placement on the move and a lot is because he lacks arm length.

Strength: Plays with good strength considering his lack of size. A natural bender who plays with good leverage. Struggles to anchor, especially against guys over his head.

Explosion: Has good explosion and pop for a center. He works hard to engage defenders. Pushes to finish his blocks. Does a good job of sustaining his block through out the phase of engagement.

Final Thoughts: Woodard offers some versatility as a center and guard. He does have physical limitations especially when it comes to arm length. Woodard will have a shot to make the team but it’s a long shot.

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