Boston College: Eagles return for summer workouts after a long layoff

The Boston College Football team is back on campus for voluntary summer workouts. Head football coach Jeff Hafley met with the team on Monday prior to the start of workouts.

After three months of being quarantined and doing virtual workouts, the players are back at the Heights working with the coaches and training staff as they prepare for what they hope will be a 2020 season.

Of course the players are in a totally different environment than the one they left in March. Masks, social distancing and hand sanitizer are now a normal part of their training routine.

The players will not only need to adhere to the new guidelines, but they will also have to get their bodies back into football shape. It will take time but Hafley, his coaching staff and the strength staff are well equipped to get this team into football shape and ready for training camp.

With the season still up in the air, the players need to focus on the short term. Getting ready for the season is the priority. Whether there is one remains to be seen but for now, it has to great to be back on campus.

While the current routine is far from normal, it is as close as these players will get to life as they knew it.

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