High School: Unfortunately, Mystic Valley may not be the only program not playing football this fall

Mystic Valley Regional Charter School became the first school in the state to announce that they would not be playing football this fall.

According to Superintendent Alexander J. Dan, the district conducted a survey this spring and found that only 16 parents of players who played last season felt comfortable enough to allow their kids to play this season.

The affect of this decision will go beyond the Mystic Valley football program and the teams on their schedule. There could be more programs deciding to cancel their season due to concerns over COVID-19.

The MIAA has yet to announce a plan regarding fall sports but you would have to think that what ever they decide, it will be in conjunction with the Department of Education guidelines for re-opening schools in the fall. The DOE announced earlier today that they are favoring an in-person, hybrid model. Of course that is subject to change depending on what happens with COVID this summer.

Regardless of what happens, Mystic Valley cancelling their season is not good for the sport in the state of Massachusetts. Football programs across the state are already struggling to attract athletes and situations like this will make it harder.

Unfortunately, I think there is a good chance we see other programs cancel their seasons as well. It is a sad reality of this new normal we are living in. There is just too much uncertainty regarding COVID 19 to take the risk of fielding a team this season.

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