High School: MIAA neglects the MHSFCA proposal for a ten game season and streamlined playoffs

The MIAA’s Tournament Management Committee agreed on Monday to an eight division structure for high school football in Massachusetts. The committee also finalized plans to move to a new statewide playoff format in 2021.

The committee also announced that the first two years of the state wide playoff format would entail of an eight game regular season meaning they did not take into consideration the proposal put forth by the MHSFCA last month of expanding the season to make Thanksgiving more meaningful while reducing the number of teams who qualify for post season play to eight per division.

The one caveat with the MHSFCA proposal is the fact that the football season would’ve extended by one week to accommodate Super Bowl weekend at Gillette. Of course you wouldn’t know that was an issue because the TMC didn’t broach the subject of discussing the coaches proposal.

Nope. Instead they tabled it and kicked the can down the road two years. The MIAA said that the issue could be revisited in 2023 after the new statewide format has been implemented.

All of this leaves me asking one question. Who makes the decisions in Franklin these days? No one knows?

Why wouldn’t the MIAA at least discuss the MHSFCA proposal? I get the “equity” piece in terms of extending the season but not having a meaningful conversation about fixing the current football system in Massachusetts is ridiculous.

The current eight game season with a consolation round is absurd. If your program doesn’t qualify for the playoffs or gets eliminated after one week, they still need to play at least one consolation game. I can tell you from experience, the coaches and the players hate consultation games.

We need to fix the structure of high school football in Massachusetts but as long as it is in the hands of the MIAA, it may never happen.

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