High School: Football remains a high risk sport in the state of Massachusetts

The governors office released its latest youth sports guidelines yesterday and in those guidelines, football remained a high risk sport.

We are now in “Phase 3” here in Massachusetts but the state views contact sports as high risk which means it is still not totally safe to play those sports.

Football, hockey, lacrosse and basketball are among ten sports the state considers high risk right now.

According to state guidelines, in order for a sport to be considered high risk, it must be a sport where there is close, sustained contact between opponents. Because of a lack of protective barriers and the high probability of respiratory particles being transmitted, the sports are considered high risk.

Despite that, there is still a chance these ten sports will be played this year and next. However there will be restrictions and many of the protocols that apply to school will apply to sports in regards to masks and social distancing.

Many states have opted to move forward with fall sports. Massachusetts took that step earlier in the week but until the start of the school year is figured out and we get guidance from the governor and DESE, we will not know the ultimate fate of high school sports for the fall and beyond.

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