Patriots: Danny Amendola is the latest person to question Bill Belichick and his greatness

Former Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola referred to former Patriots quarterback and teammate Tom Brady as the driving force behind the “Patriot Way.”

According to Amendola, it is Brady not Bill Belichick who set the standard for success with the Patriots. Amendola has since acknowledged that he liked playing for Belichick but didn’t like dealing with him as a general manager because he had to take pay cuts so that Belichick can “put more rings on his fingers.”

If you are wondering where Amendola has been the past three years, he has been playing for the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions. In Detroit, he played for former Belichick assistant Matt Patricia.

So what prompted Amendola to spout off about Belichick? No one knows other than that he saw an opportunity to speak his mind and he took it. He used Brady’s success in Tampa as the impetus to belly ache about Belichick because he had to take pay cuts. It is pretty obvious Amendola has an ax to grind with Belichick.

It is too bad because Belichick is the guy who gave Amendola a five year, $28.5 million dollar contract as a free agent and then put two rings on his fingers. Of course, you wouldn’t know that either of things happened if you listened to Amendola on Monday.

It is a shame that people are using Brady’s Super Bowl appearance with the Bucs as an opportunity to question Belichick’s success in New England. It speaks to how self serving and disingenuous people truly are nowadays.

Amendola is the latest to get in line to take a cheap shot at Belichick and that is a shame consider what Belichick and the Patriots have done for his career.

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