Patriots: I wouldn’t surrender anything more than two mid round picks for Jimmy G

The 49ers and Dolphins trade yesterday illustrated just how expensive it is going to be for the Patriots to trade into the top ten if they want to draft one of the top four quarterbacks in this year’s class.

With the 49ers trading up, one has to assume that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is now available in a trade. San Francisco quickly squelched that notion by saying they intend to hold onto Garoppolo. The Niners see him as their starter this season and a bridge to whichever quarterback they draft.

On the surface, that would make sense but according to NFL insider Ben Allbright, that is not the case at all. Allbright tweeted out yesterday that many within the 49ers organization believe that Garoppolo cost them the Super Bowl against Kansas City and the team is in fact willing to trade him.

If that is the case, then there is no way the Patriots should trade anything more than two mid round picks for Garoppolo.

San Francisco is going to hold out for more but if Bill Belichick trades the 15th pick in this year’s draft or even a second rounder, he overpaid. Bill doesn’t like to overpay and while the team is now built to win again, the Patriots cannot panic and give up their first or second round pick for Garoppolo.

It is hard position to be in because as it stands, Cam Newton is your starting quarterback but if push comes to shove, I would rather see them offer the Jets their second round pick and perhaps another pick for Sam Darnold. Sure, it is a long shot that Jets general manager Joe Douglas would trade Darnold to the Patriots but if the pick package was right, it is not out of the realm of possibility.

San Francisco will try to squeeze the Patriots as long as possible to get the pick they want. General Manager John Lynch knows Belichick wants to bring Jimmy G back to Foxboro. So, he will posture and say all the right things about Garoppolo to inflate his value and generate interest. The Patriots must stay patient and let things play out.

San Francisco will be in a tough spot if they have to carry Garoppolo’s salary and a rookie quarterback salary. It is not happening.

A trade is happening. Whether Garoppolo ends up back here remains to be seen. If he does, he would have to wave his no trade clause and probably restructure his contract. Either way, seeing Jimmy G in a Patriots uniform will take some work.

Regardless of what happens, the Patriots cannot overpay for Garoppolo. Anything more than a third and fifth round pick would be too much.

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