Patriots Draft: Studying Bill Belichick’s quarterback history could shed some light into his thought process

February 20, 2021

Many Patriots pundits and fans alike have speculated that Bill Belichick does not value the quarterback position. I am not sure I would go that far. I think he does but there is a pattern of addressing the position in his history which could shed some light into how he will address the position this off-season. Here are three observations I have made about Belichick and how he addresses the…


Patriots Draft: The Patriots quarterback plan should be a veteran and drafting Mac Jones

February 11, 2021

It is still relatively early in the pre-draft process but it is never too early to figure out what the Patriots will do at quarterback. At this moment, they technically only have one quarterback on the roster and that is Jarrett Stidham. It is safe to say that Stidham is not the quarterback of the future and chances are, that is not going to change. So, where does Bill Belichick…


Patriots: Let’s face it. The Patriots have egg on their face with Brady winning the Super Bowl

February 8, 2021

Image courtesy of the New England Patriots Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl last night was a bad look for the Patriots from a P.R standpoint. Sure, the organization tweeted out congratulating Brady and Rob Gronkowski but make no mistake about it. The Patriots have egg on their face after letting Brady walk last spring. Truth be told, no one thought the Buccaneers would win the Super Bowl in Brady’s…


Patriots: Danny Amendola is the latest person to question Bill Belichick and his greatness

February 3, 2021

Former Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola referred to former Patriots quarterback and teammate Tom Brady as the driving force behind the “Patriot Way.” "When you see the 'Patriot Way' in the dictionary, it’s got Tom Brady’s picture next to it. None of those coaches caught any passes. … Tom Brady is the 'Patriot Way.' That’s why he’s in the Super Bowl & the Patriots aren’t." — @DannyAmendola — First…


Patriots Draft: 10 Prospects to keep an eye on at the Senior Bowl

January 30, 2021

The Senior Bowl kicks off today at 2 pm on NFL Network. Here are 10 prospects that fit the Patriot Way that the organization will be keeping a close eye on. 1. Jaime Newman, QB Wake Forest (American): Newman transferred to Georgia after the 2019 season but opted out due to COVID-19. Newman has terrific size at 6-4 230. He has plus arm strength and is accurate vertically. He must…


Patriots Draft: Six positions the Patriots will focus on this week at the Senior Bowl

January 28, 2021

Brandon Todd/ Carolina Panthers The NFL will descend upon Mobile, Alabama this week for the annual Senior Bowl. It is an opportunity for all 32 teams to get one more look at some of the top players in the country in pads. For the Patriots, this Senior Bowl is vitally important. Coming off a 7-9 season, this is an important off-season for Bill Belichick and his staff. So, what positions…


Patriots: A trade for Matthew Stafford doesn’t work for the Patriots

January 24, 2021

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images The Detroit Lions announced yesterday that they are putting quarterback Matthew Stafford on the trade block after the veteran quarterback requested a trade. The quarterback needy Patriots immediately jump to the top of the list of potential trade partners. The problem is, the media and the fans want the Patriots to trade for Stafford. In reality, they are in no position to trade for Stafford. Detroit on…


Patriots: Matt Patricia’s role with the Patriots is shrouded in mystery

January 23, 2021

The Patriots announced yesterday that they have rehired former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. The organization did not specify a title for Patricia, only saying that he will assist head coach Bill Belichick in a variety of roles. Patricia is a trusted Belichick assistant who cut his teeth in New England from 2004 to 2017 as a defensive assistant, position coach and coordinator before becoming the head coach of the Detroit…


Patriots: Divisional round a reminder that picking a quarterback in the first round matters

January 17, 2021

The Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs is here and it is a reminder that picking a quarterback in the first round of the draft matters. Of the four games this weekend, only one features two quarterbacks that weren’t picked in the first round. The Buccaneers, Saints match up features Tom Brady of course who was picked in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft and Drew Brees who…


Patriots: It is time for a shift in philosophy when it comes to the Patriots passing game

January 9, 2021

Now that the 2020 season has ended, it is time to access things and to figure out where the Patriots can improve for the 2021 season. Aside from upgrading the personnel, which would go a long way in ensuring that this team can compete again, the Patriots also need to consider a philosophy change on offense. It is too early in the off-season to tell as to whether or not…