Give it Up Timmy Teebs! The Dream is Over

August 10, 2016

Tim Tebow is attempting a comeback, as a baseball player. That’s right. The former quarterback has been working out for almost a year in an effort to try to land a tryout with a Major League Baseball team.  Why is Tim Tebow doing this you might be asking? Because he needs attention and this is yet another way for him to get attention.  Tebow hasn’t played organized baseball since his…


Calling the Hall of Game is a Punch in the Gut for the NFL

August 8, 2016

The Hall of Fame game between the Green Bay Packers and the Inidianapolis Colts was cancelled after Hall of Fame President and Executive Director David Baker decided to cancel the game due to field conditions. Apparently some of the paint that was put down last night after the induction ceremony had hardened in the end zone and the middle of the field. Upon further inspection by the two teams and…


Brett Favre Proved One More Time That He is the Last of His Kind

August 7, 2016

If you didn’t watch Brett Favre Hall of Fame speech last night, you really missed out. Favre was terrific and he proved once again that he is the last great character we will ever see play in the NFL. No disrespect to Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, but they are boring compared to Favre.  Favre played the game of football with a boyish enthusiasm for 20 years. He…


The Bennett Brothers Should Be Focusing More on Football and Less on Talking

August 4, 2016

Seahawks defensive Michael Bennett and Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett are brothers. They are also two of the most outspoken individuals in the NFL. I don’t have an issue with being outspoken. After all, that’s why we have first amendment rights. What I have an issue with is using the ESPN platform to call out your peers. Why did the Bennett brothers agree to an interview that they knew would…


Why Are People Surprised That The NFL Won in Court Again Today?

August 4, 2016

Why are people surprised that the NFL won in appeals court today in the Adrian Peterson case? Is it really that big of a surprise?  Come on people. It’s the NFL! They have the time, money and resources to take any case the league is involved in the distance. They can win the financial war of attrition. The owners have more money than the players do. Besides, it’s not the…


Peyton Manning’s Training Camp Tour is His Way of Scouting the League for a Future Role

August 2, 2016

Much has been made of Peyton Manning’s training camp tour. Manning was spotted at Saints training camp over the weekend and he was at Dolphins training camp yesterday visiting his old buddy Adam Gase. Many expect Manning to take this season off and return to the game in 2017 in some capacity. Whether that’s in television or in a football operations role, Manning won’t be away from the game for…


Peyton Manning Being Exonerated Means Nothing to Me

July 27, 2016

I don’t give a rats ass that Peyton Manning was exonerated by the NFL regarding his alleged use of PED’s. I’ve never bought the story and now that the NFL has concluded he’s innocent of any wrong doing, I feel even better for not believing the terrorist network!  I’m not going to waste time speculating that  the league and Manning are in cahoots. I’m not wasting any time with the…


Tom Brady Needs to Accept His Punishment and Move On

July 13, 2016

Tom Brady needs a reality check. He is not going to beat the NFL in court. It’s not going to happen. He should just accept the 2nd U.S Circuit Court’s decision to deny his appeal and move on.  The only other recourse Brady has is to appeal to the United States Supreme Court. Brady’s attorneys can request a stay on the suspension. Ironically enough, Trump basher Ruth Bader Ginsberg would…